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About Quincy Water Association . . .

Quincy Water Association serves the water needs of its members in the village of Quincy, which is located approximately 4 miles outside of Clatskanie, Oregon. It is a privately owned, non-profit cooperative corporation.

Our continuing goal is to provide high-quality water to our members, and to maintain and improve our water system now and in the future. This goal can be accomplished by working together, volunteering our time, continually looking for better ideas and providing solutions for our association.

The Quincy Water Association (QWA) began in 1953 as a simple water system using a small dam on Stewart Creek. It supplied fewer than two dozen families. From those humble beginnings, QWA continued to grow. In 1977, an expanded well system was put into service and in 2013 a new well was added.

Currently QWA has wells on two properties. At the Stewart Creek site (the home of the original dam), we have three wells, a water tank, and a new treatment plant. It is 7.8 acres located on Stewart Creek. Well #1 is no longer serviceable and has been capped. Well #2A was put into service in 1977 and in 2013 Well #2B was put on line.

Well #3 is located on the Ilmari site which is on 3 acres off Ilmari Road. The well is not being used at this time because of its small output and the lack of an economical way to treat the water.

QWA now supplies water to approximately 132 of 147 water shares.

Time has taken its toll on our system, making improvements a constant topic of discussion and planning by the board. In 2020, QWA engaged Northstar General Contractor to do the ongoing maintenance and repairs to the system. They will be an important part of helping us step into the future.,

Quincy Water Association is managed by a five-person board of directors that are elected from the members. Each board member serves a two-year term with two positions available one year and three positions available the next. Elections are conducted at the Annual Member's Meeting, which is the first Tuesday of March every year. These meetings are held at 7:00 PM. Members are advised of the location by mail.

Thanks to the member volunteers and to the determination and hard work of the board, QWA is successfully reaching for its goal.

We are a member of the Oregon Association of Water Utilities (OAWU). Oregon Association of Water Utilities

See Oregon Public Health Drinking Water Data for information about our water.