A Cooperative Water Association

   -    Established in 1953



QWA Cross Connection Program . . .

In 1995 regulations were adopted into law to protect all water systems from potential pollution and contamination to our drinking water. Potential pollution and contamination can come from sources such as pools, irrigation systems, boilers, fire protection systems, wells and other sources that would make drinking water unsafe. For more information on Cross Connection Control, or to see if these rules apply to you, see Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 333-061-0070.

Since 1995 Quincy Water Association (QWA) was required to create and implement its own Cross Connection Program. This program requires that anyone with a potential source to pollute or contaminate our water system must install an Oregon Health Division approved testable backflow prevention assembly. Further, these assemblies must be tested annually. The installation, maintenance and annual testing fees of these devices are the responsibility of the property owner.

By 1999 QWA was requiring the installation of these backflow assemblies where needed. Our bylaws were amended, as required by the state, to deny water service if this requirement was not met. (See QWA Bylaws ARTICLE XI: BENEFITS AND DUTIES OF MEMBERS, Section 7 & 9)

Over the years our program slipped through the cracks and has gone unenforced. The Oregon Health Authority is now pressing all water systems for compliance to these laws.

The QWA board of directors must make sure our system is in compliance with state regulations, so now, in 2017, the board is working on re-establishing the Cross Connection Program. Our maintenance contractor, Northstar General Contractor, is responsible to manage the program.

All members who currently have a backflow assembly installed must have their devices tested annually by a state certified back flow assembly tester. The results of the test must be sent to our maintenance contractor, Northstar General Contractor, 9630 rickerall Road, Rickerall, OR 97371.

For questions, see Cross Connection/Backflow Prevention FAQs or contact board of director members Cheryll Malisch 503-728-3938.

QWA members may contract with any licensed backflow tester they choose. See below for a list of certified testers.

Northstar is a certified backflow assembly tester. They offer a backflow testing program where the cost for annual testing may be prorated in your monthly water bill. Call Northstar at 503-304-0500 to schedule testing and/or enroll in their program.

Other local certified backflow assembly testers:

Crow Water Systems, Scappoose, OR, 503-543-6326
McMullen Water Systems, St. Helens, OR 503-397-1744
Elijah Olson, Olson LLC, Warren, OR, 503-740-9563
Sessions Plumbing & Heating, Longview, WA, 360-636-0070