A Cooperative Water Association

   -    Established in 1953

QWA Water Rates, Fees & Billing Policies . . .

Current Rates are: $30.00 base rate plus .05 cents per cubic foot of water.

The rates are scheduled for an increase this coming Fall of 2020.

The base monthly rate of $30 is applied to all QWA member accounts each month regardless of water usage or the existence of an installed water meter.

Northstar General Contractor is our contractor for meter reading and maintenance. QWA does their own billing will mail the bills at the end of each month. The due date is the 15th of the following month.

Activation Fee: A $30.00 activation fee is charged when setting up new member accounts to begin service. This is a one-time fee that applies to new members. This fee is only applicable after the sale of a property to a new owner or when a dwelling that is a rental property has a new tenant. The fee is not applicable to property owners during vacancy periods between tenants. Owners should notify QWA of any changes to ownership of property or change of renters including mailing addresses and phone numbers.

Late Fee: If the amount is not received in full by the 16th of the month following billing, a late fee of $10.00 will be assessed for any unpaid balance.

Shut Off Notices & Fees: If payments are not received by the 16th of the month the account will be put on the shut off list and scheduled for collection/disconnect at the end of the month when meters are next read if payment has not been made. If payment or an agreement to pay has not occurred by the time of scheduled shutoff, a Northstar representative will visit the member premises in order to collect payment or shut off the water. A $35.00 collection fee is assessed whenever a Northstar representative visits a members premises to attempt collection of past due balances, whether or not service is shut off. An additional fee of $25.00 is assessed to restart water service if member is shut off due to non-payment.

Non-Payment: For non-payment at 90 days, membership in this association may be terminated and the membership certificate purchased back by the association at a price determined by the Board of Directors (see QWA Bylaws Article V, section 5).

Rental Property Policies: Homeowners are ultimately responsible for all water charges. Owners may request to have bills sent to their tenants during occupancy as a courtesy. Any unpaid or interim charges due to changing of tenants will be the responsibility of the owners. Activation fees apply each time a new tenant begins an account, but will not apply to owners during interim periods. Any 60-day notices of past due balances will be mailed to both the owner and the tenant. Homeowners should notify QWA if tenants change.